Application for housing


Print out the application form and bring the filled form to Nikkarinkruunu’s office or move to electronic application (only in Finnish). 

Tenant selections for Kiinteistö Oy Nikkarinkruunu’s rental apartments are carried out based on ARA’s tenant selection instructions in the order of urgency according to needs consideration.

In most of our properties, ARA’s asset limits apply. These apartments have asset limits set by the Government. If the applicant’s wealth exceeds the given limits, an apartment cannot be granted.

NOTE! The attachments will only be delivered when the apartment is granted!

Number of persons Assets limit
1 60 500€
2 77 000 €
3 99 000 €
4 121 000 €

If the size of household increases the assets limit raises 5 500€ per person.

Assets = market value – debts directed to assets


Fill in the application accurately, insufficient applications we cannot process.

Credit ratings are checked from all applicants over 18 years.  Bad credit history is not a direct obstacle to receive an apartment. However, the applicant’s unpaid rent debt to us or the previous landlord prevents the offer of the apartment.

The application is valid for three (3) months, you can activate it again by calling to our office, telephone 020 331 311 or by e-mail

During the validity of your application don’t forget to inform us if you get an apartment from elsewhere.

Please remember to notify us if there is any changes in your application e.g. address, salary, phone number etc.

Security deposits

There is a security deposit payment in use, which equals to 1-3 months rent.

The security deposit will be refunded to the tenant when tenancy ends, if there have not been any problems with rent payments and the apartment has been well managed.


NOTICE! Attachments should only be delivered when the apartment has been granted.

1. Tax certificate, taxation

  • the last precompleted income tax returns from applicants over 18 years

2. Monthly income

  • no income: decision of social assistance
  • unemployed: certificate of daily allowance from KELA or trade union (decision or last payment slip)
  • working: salary certificate or last payment slip
  • moving to locality: proof from the future employer about the start of work and salary
  • retired: decisions of all payable pensions
  • student: certificate of studying from all applicants over 18 years
  • self-employed person: the latest financial statement and income statement form
  • on maternity leave, nursing leave, leave of absence: statement of income before leaving work
  • in the army: testimonial

3. Proof of deductions from income

  • amount of student loans
  • payable child support

4. Assets, if any of the movers owns whole or partly apartment/real estate or other wealth

  • certificate of assets probable transfer price
  • estimated sales value from real estate agent
  • copy of deed of transfer if the real estate, apartment or other wealth is transfered
  • statement of debts directed to assets

5. Other attachments

  • certificate of pregnancy
  • divorce verdict/proof of pending divorce
  • notice of termination/eviction order/fixed-term lease
  • report from health officer
  • medical certificate