Rules and regulations

The Public order Act is followed in the area of the property and in the buildings. In addition to other laws and regulations, the house rules and regulations are followed. When signing the rental agreement, the resident undertakes to follow these rules and regulations and agrees to explain their content to other family members as well. Residents must ensure that their guests also follow these rules and regulations.

Repeated violation of the rules and regulations gives the landlord the right to terminate the lease.

For damaging structures, breaking windows, scratching walls, etc., full compensation will be charged from the person who caused the damage or is liable. Report vandalism or disturbances to the police/house manager immediately.

For fire safety reasons goods may only be stored in spaces reserved for them. Storing fire sensitive and dangerous substances in common areas is prohibited. Car tires (one set) can be stored in the storage room.

Property-specific smoking restrictions: In the following properties, smoking is prohibited on the balconies, inside the apartments and in common indoor areas: Nahkurinkatu 28, Santaniitynkatu 20, Palosenkatu 2, Ahokuja 2, Äijöntie 3, Visatie 16, Kokontie 15, Nahkurinpolku 3 and Nahkurinpolku 5. Smoking is allowed in these properties only in designated smoking areas in the yard.

At the Palokorvenkatu 13 property smoking is prohibited on the balconies, inside the apartments, and in common indoor areas, as well as in the yard area of the entire property.

Common areas and courtyard areas

The outside doors are kept locked between 21:00 and 06:00. When passing through the front doors of the common
areas, care must be taken to that they lock again. Outsiders should not be allowed in the stairwell or other common

When using the common areas, remember the following:

  • consumption of alcohol in common areas and courtyards is prohibited
  • playing and spending time unnecessarily in common areas is prohibited
  • goods may only be stored in warehouses reserved for this purpose
  • dangerous or other harmful substances or objects may not be kept in common areas
  • access roads must be kept clear (Rescue Act 13.6.2003/468)
  • only sports equipment and prams of the residents of the house may be stored in sports equipment storages
  • electric bicycles or mopeds may not be charged in common areas
  • equipment stored in common areas that are no longer used must be removed from the storages
  • the instructions and regulations in the sauna facilities must be followed
  • lights must be turned off when leaving the premises
  • vehicles are not to be driven unnecessarily in the courtyard area and the set traffic signs must be followed 
  • no items are stored in the yard and lawns and plantings are not to be damaged
  • birds, squirrels and other animals are not to be fed from balconies or in yard areas
  • it is not allowed to have a trampoline, hot tub or swimming pool in the common yard area

The use of dyes in the laundry and sauna is prohibited. Glass bottles may not be taken into the washrooms and saunas. It is forbidden to wash carpets in the regular laundry machines in the house laundry room. The house laundry room may only be used to wash the residents’ own laundry.

The elevators are intended for passenger transport. The operating instructions must be followed.


Items such as baby carriages, bicycles or movable furniture, may not be stored in stairwells or basement corridors. 

In terms of the cleanliness and comfort of stairs and other corridors, it is necessary:

  • that general cleanliness and order are followed in common areas
  • that moving on the corridors is done quietly, the front doors of the apartments are closed quietly
  • that the corridors are not damaged or littered, and the apartments are not ventilated to the stairwells 
  • no smoking in common areas


The owner of the balcony must take care of:

  • that the balcony stays clean and the snow is removed in winter
  • that bedding or carpets are not dusted on the balcony
  • not to wash the balconies with running water
  • that nothing is installed outside the balcony railing, for example flower pots
  • not to grill on the balcony with an open fire, gas or charcoal grills or with smoking pits
The use of an electric grill for cooking on balconies is allowed.

Waste and dusting

Sort the waste in the designated places. Furniture and other similar things do not belong in the waste place, but everyone must take them to e.g. a sorting station or recycling.

Dusting is allowed only in areas reserved for this purpose on weekdays from 08:00 to 21:00. Dusting is prohibited on Sundays and public holidays. Carpets must not be dusted on the balconies.


Vehicle parking is only permitted in designated spaces with parking permit codes.

You can get a parking space and a parking permit from the landlord.

Vehicles that have been removed from the register or so-called scrap cars may not be kept in the parking lot.

Storing mopeds and motorcycles in outdoor equipment storages or other common areas is prohibited.

Storing campervans or trailers in the common areas is not allowed without a permit.

Guest parking spaces are only intended for temporary parking of visitors.

Washing and repairing motor vehicles and other vehicles in the yard and parking area is prohibited.

Bicycles are stored in places reserved for them, either in racks or in storagerooms.

Thermal plug boxes must always be kept locked and cables must not be left hanging.


Keep dogs and cats on a leash in stairwells and in the yard.

Clean up your pet’s waste.

It is forbidden to let animals outside in places reserved for children’s play and in their immediate vicinity.

Make sure that your pet does not disturb the residents of the house with repeated barking, chewing, etc.

The owner of the pet is responsible for the damage caused by the animal.

In the property Palosenkatu 2, keeping pets is prohibited.


There is a silent time in the apartment buildings between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

By announcing on the notice board, it is exceptionally possible to organize family parties and other events that last even later than 10:00 p.m.

Work that causes loud noise must be avoided and is completely prohibited on Sundays and public holidays and on weekdays from 22:00 to 06:00.

Bathing and using water should be avoided between 22:00 and 06:00. However, the recommendation takes into account, for example, the need of shift workers to wash up during the night time.

Outdoor or dish antennas may not be installed. Do not touch the clock and control devices or the line control valves of the saunas. The installation of range hoods or devices connected to air conditioning ducts and other devices that are harmful to properties or residents is prohibited.

In order to avoid payments for damages, water leaks and other pipe and cable damage must be reported to the maintenance company or property manager without delay. You must also notify the maintenance company/property manager of other defects found in the property.

The dishwasher may only be connected and removed by an authorized installer. If necessary, the certificate of installation must be delivered to the landlord. The owner of the property is responsible for implementing the necessary penetrations, electricity and structural changes, changes are considered on a case-by-case basis and must
always be agreed upon separately.

For emergency situations, every resident is obliged to ensure that the apartment is entered without breaking the door.

A separate compensation must be paid to the maintenance person or maintenance company for opening the door.

If you are away from the apartment for a longer period, you must notify the maintenance company.

Otherwise, the instructions given by the municipality’s environmental agency and the public order law 27.6.2003/612 are followed.

Kiinteistö Oy Nikkarinkruunu; residents’ council 20.9.2022, board 22.9.2022.