Rules and regulations

Everyone must follow the Public Order Act, other acts and regulations and the building’s rules and regulations in the property area and in the buildings.

By signing the tenancy agreement, the tenant agrees to comply with these rules and regulations and also to explain their contents to other family members. Tenants must take sure that their guests also comply with these rules and regulations.

Repeated violation of these rules and regulations gives the landlord the right to terminate the tenancy agreement.

If a person damages structures, breaks windows, scratches the walls or commits any other acts of vandalism, the person who has done these acts or is otherwise responsible for them is held fully accountable and must pay for them. Report vandalism and disturbances to the police or landlord.

For fire safety reasons, goods may only be stored in the rooms reserved for them. The storage of flammable and hazardous materials in common areas is prohibited. Car tires (one set) can be stored in the storage closet. Nothing may be stored in stairwells and basements.

The use of dyes in the laundry and sauna is prohibited. Glass bottles must not be taken to bathrooms and steam rooms. Washing carpets in laundry rooms ordinary washing machines is prohibited

Common areas and courtyard areas

Exterior doors are locked from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. excluding buildings with doorcodes.

When using the exterior doors to enter the common areas, make sure that the doors are locked again.

When using the common areas, remember the following:

  • drinking alcohol is prohibited in the common areas if it causes disturbance
  • loitering and playing in these areas is prohibited
  • property may only be stored in storage spaces intended for them
  • hazardous or otherwise harmful materials or objects may not be stored in the common areas
  • passageways should be kept clear (Pelastuslaki 13.6.2003/468)
  • the storages for outdoor equipment may only be used for storing the residents’ sports equipment and baby carriages, electric bikes or mopeds/motorcycles must not be charged or must not be stored in the common areas.
  • equipment that are not used must be removed from the storage immediately
  • sauna rules and regulations must be followed when using the sauna facilities
  • lights must be turned off when exiting the premises
  • driving vehicles unnecessarily in the courtyard area is prohibited
  • traffic signs must be obeyed
  • storing property in the courtyard area is prohibited
  • lawns and plants must not be harmed
  • birds, squirrels and other animals must not fed from balconies or backyards/courtyards
  • trampolines must not be built to the common courtyard areas

Otherwise tenants should comply with the instructions issued by the city’s Environment Centre

Lifts are intended for carrying people. Lift instructions must be followed.


To keep staircases and other corridors clean and comfortable, it is necessary:

  • to follow general cleanliness and order regulations in the common areas
  • to move in the stairs and close the apartment doors without making noise
  • not to damage or litter the corridors
  • not to air out the apartments into the staircases
  • not to smoke in the common areas


The holder of the balcony should:

  • keep the balcony tidy and clear it from snow in the winter
  • not dust bedclothes or carpets on the balcony
  • not cook hot food or barbecue on the balcony
  • not wash the balconies with running water
  • place flower pots and boxes on the inside edge of the balcony

Waste and dusting

Sort your waste in the places reserved for them. Furniture and other similar things do not belong in garbage area, everyone must take them to a sorting station or for recycling.

Dusting is only allowed in areas specifically reserved for it, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Dusting is prohibited on Sundays and on public holidays. Dusting carpets on balconies is prohibited.


Vehicles may be parked only areas reserved for them with parking permit. Parking space and parking permit is granted by the housing company.

The holder / owner of a vehicle parked without a parking permit can receive a private inspection fee.

Cars removed from the register may not be kept in the parking area.

Storing mopeds and motorcycles in the outdoor equipment storage is not allowed.

Storing caravans or trailers in housing company’s area is not allowed without permission.

Visitor parking spaces are only for the temporary parking of visitors.

Washing motor vehicles and other vehicles in the parking area is not allowed.

Bicycles must be stored in areas reserved for them, either in bicycle stands or in the storage.

The electric plug stands for heating the car must always be kept locked and their wires should not be left hanging.


Keep your dogs and cats on a leash in starecases and in the courtyard area.

Clean up your pet’s droppings.

Walking pets is not allowed in areas reserved for children’s games and in their immiediate vicinity.

Make sure that your pets do not disturb other residents with their repeated barking, meowing or other noises.

The owner of the pet is responsible for the damages caused by their pet.


The night-time silence in the apartments starts at 10 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m.

Family parties and like that last longer than 10 p.m. can be held with the neighbours’ consent.

Loud work should be avoided and such work is prohibited on Sundays, on public holidays and on weekdays from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Bathing and the use of water should be avoided from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Outdoor antennas must not be installed.

The clock and control devises or line adjustment valves in saunas etc. must not be tampered with.

Installing exhaust hoods or other devices harmful to other residents are prohibited.

To avoid damages, water leaks and other plumbing and cable damages must immediately be reported to the maintenance company or the house manager. The maintenance company/house manager should also be notified of any other defects found in the building

The dishwasher may only be connected and removed by an authorized installer. If necessary, a certificate of installation must be provided to the housing company.

In case of an emergency, every resident is responsible for ensuring that their apartment can be reached without breaking the door.

The fee for opening the door must be paid to the maintenance company or the maintenance man.

If you are away from your apartment for a long period of time, inform the maintenance company.

Otherwise tenants should comply with the Public Order Act 27.6.2003/612.

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